Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter

Emergency Response Team


CHAIRS | Leslie Fletcher & Sabrina Scott-Feggins

An emergency is defined as a serious, unexpected and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action. 

As intelligent and observant Delta women, we know that preparation and planning for the “unexpected” can empower us to survive, even thrive, despite many different emergencies and disasters – accidental or natural catastrophes. Our EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM (ERT) exists to provide Chapter members and the community at large with information that can allow us to know what we must do in order to remain safe or mitigate the impact of the emergency or disaster. 

Additionally, ERT is responsible for the development of an Emergency Response Plan, which is used during chapter and chapter-sponsored events to result in the safe evacuation or sheltering in place of sorors and guests.

ERT public-related events include:

  • Annual Fire Safety workshop for parents and elementary school students. This event is currently co-sponsored with and held at Kearney Elementary School.
  • The Chapter collaborates with the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) to ensure we are knowledgeable of all emergency protocols in place for our city.

For more information, contact the Emergency Response Team at