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Delta Academy

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CHAIRS | Kimberli Brawner, Sediah Kelty & Natasha Taylor-Smith

The Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy was established under the leadership of our 21st National President, Marcia L. Fudge as a signature program of the 1996-98 biennium. Delta Academy is named for Dr. Betty L. Shabazz, the widow of el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz, better known as civil rights leader, Malcolm X. Dr. Betty Shabazz was a courageous and outspoken social activist. Dr. Shabazz was an outspoken advocate for human rights, women’s rights, racial tolerance, and the goal of self-determination and self-reliance for the Diaspora. Delta Academy is named in honor of a resilient and dedicated woman whose mission was to fight for the rights of women, especially young African American women.

Delta Academy is designed to offer opportunities to young women of great promise who might otherwise be excluded because they lack encouragement, resources, and support. Delta Academy recognizes disadvantages many young women face in various communities due to gender, income, age, and parental resources despite the personal potential of the girls themselves. A primary goal of Delta Academy is to prepare young women for full participation in the 21st century world. The Delta Academy Program reflects current issues and trends of middle school-aged young women, ages 11 through 14.


The Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy curriculum is a framework organized into components that address the aims and goals of the Academy program for the participants to discover and understand their individual brilliance by embracing the Academy theme – “Embracing Girl Power on Purpose.”  The Curriculum is designed with opportunities for interactive learning with the Academy Committee, adult volunteers, and parents/guardians or other family members who are invested in the success of the youth participants. It is imperative that all Delta Academy Committee Members and volunteers are trained in Risk Management.

signature programs for The Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy:
  • Cooking with the Academy
  • Meet the Author – Special Guest Author, Lisa Wright Bryant shared her book, “You Are Enough: Keeping It 100 With Yourself” and an engaging discussion focusing on enhancing confidence, overcoming low self-esteem and fear.
  • National Homelessness Awareness Week in partnership with Covenant House – Covenant House is the largest privately funded agency in America providing assistance to homeless youth. Our youth participants also learned about human trafficking and warning signs for girls their age.
  • S.T.E.M. Project – Youth participants engaged in a cooperative learning project which promoted critical thinking, collaboration and problem-solving skills.
  • Winter Celebration and Service-Learning Project in partnership with Philadelphia Children’s Alliance – The Philadelphia Children’s Alliance is an independent non-profit organization that promotes healing and justice for sexually abused children in Philadelphia.
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Day of Service – Featured Spirit Tawfiq, the daughter of Minnijean Brown-Trickey, a member of the Little Rock Nine. Ms. Tawfiq spoke to our youth about her mother’s experience desegregating Little Rock’s Central High School. Minnijean Brown-Trickey empowered our young women with a surprise appearance and share her experiences.
  • Love Yourself Event – Youth participants focused on self-care, self-love, mental and physical wellness.

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